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Dances Only For God

About Me

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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Ok, ok, I bet you want to know more about me... right??? Well here is were you will find out.

Below is where you will find my Birthday and more favorites!!!!!

After that, is where you will find a link to where you can e-mail me. You can ask me questions (I give great advice). You can tell me what you like about my website and what you dislike. Or just tell me about yourself. I can always use more friends. I will e-mail you back.. just maybe not right away.. Hope to hear from ya!!!!
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My Birthday is December 9th. I'm 17 years old and a great girl. Well also my favorite animal is a cat for any of those who already know me. I live in a little nothing town in western New York and go to a little nothing of a school. Going into 12th grade next year, I feel it will be a great year.

I have a great boyfriend.... look at my photo album you can see how cute he is.... his name is ******. I cant say his name... thats ok... i know his name..... BUT HES SOOOO CUTE AND I LOVE HIM TO DEATH.....

My Favorite movie is anything that has to do with a comic book super hero (I mean come on... what girl doesnt love a hot guy in spandex..right) or anything disney!!!! I love the Bible and have a great time with all my christian pals!!!!

Me and My guy at Prom 2006
See "Shine On Diamond Eyes" for more